A Day in Edinburgh

Hello! This post is by Addy, the eldest Carter child.

Yesterday, August 3rd, I went into Edinburgh for the day with Jesse and Dad. Several months ago, when I knew we’d be moving to Scotland, I watched a video vlog made by a YouTuber and actress who got to visit Scotland. An avid Harry Potter fan, she planned a route through Edinburgh which would pass through all the places in said city related to said fandom. I took notes, so when we got our chance to go I had a list of all the coolest places. I brought it with me on this trip, and off we went!

First we took a bus and then a train to Edinburgh. We accidentally got off one station too early, so we had a little extra walking to do. Our first stop? Edinburgh Castle, of course.

At the top of this hill, we entered the Castle’s courtyard, browsed the gift shop, and then bought some “luxury Scottish ice cream” from a truck parked there.

Enjoying our ice cream, we walked back down from the Castle to the nearby Greyfriars Kirkyard, where we visited the grave of Tom Riddle. If you’ve ever read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, you know that this is the grave Lord Voldemort was buried in. J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, named one of her characters off of this Scottish grave.

The next place we visited was Victoria Street, Rowling’s inspiration for Diagon Alley.

On Victoria Street, we went into Museum Context, a wizarding shop selling a horde of Harry Potter merchandise. I bought myself a Slytherin pin to show off my house pride. 😉

On our way to another of my destinations, we spotted a shop which interested all three of us greatly. This store was a combination shop selling items from Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and Harry Potter! My Dad took a photo with a Han Solo cutout to send to one of his friends.

Then we headed to my next goal, a shop called Spoon where J. K. Rowling began the Harry Potter series. We had a very nice lunch there.

After a brief detour to photograph a nearby mountain (we gave up on climbing it after realizing we were low on time), we headed back to the train station, and what did we happen to walk through on our way there? The beginnings of the Fringe, a film and drama festival taking place in Edinburgh. We saw people in costumes, people performing, and people offering us flyers advertising every strange idea performable. My Dad saw this man juggling on a high wire, and was so confused that he took a picture of the strange spectacle.

Amidst the crowds we saw the city chambers, our final destination. There I got to set my hands in J. K.’s handprints, outlined in shiny gold.

And then we finally headed home, saying goodbye to Edinburgh until we came again.

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering what my mom and sister were doing while we toured Edinburgh, feel free to check out Mary Ella’s adventure at the St. Andrews Aquarium!

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  1. Mary Patricia Dixon | | Reply

    What a wonderful, Potter immersed day, including savory ice cream and a tasty looking lunch! You really do pack a lot into a limited time span!

    Mary Pat

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