Aquarium Anecdotes

St. Andrews has an aquarium up the coast from us, and Mom and I visited there on Friday morning. You can sign up to feed some of the animals, and we signed up to feed the seals! We walked around a bit and looked at all the animals on the first floor, and ended up at the seals, so we watched them swim for a while until a keeper named Paige brought us back to a tiny kitchen. She took out a container of fish and taught me how to cut them and add the vitamins that the seals needed.

After we chopped the fish we went out into the seal enclosure. Paige taught me to throw the fish. The aquarium had taught the seals some commands to help them check the seals’ health. There was “smile”, “roll”, and “blow kisses”. Smile helped the keepers check the seals’ teeth. Roll helped them check the seals’ belly. Blow kisses helped them check the seals’ airways.

After we had seen the seals we went to the room with the tortoises. After a while of waiting and watching tortoises, a lady came in. She told us that there was a reptile handling session starting in that room. So we stayed to pet the bearded dragon and hold the corn snake.


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  1. Mary Patricia Dixon | | Reply

    Wow! You learned a lot, just feeding seals. An interesting place to visit again.

    Mary Pat

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