Tomayto, Tomahto

Just a few days after we arrived, I asked everyone in the family about the differences between home and here.  Then, two days ago, I did it again.  Here are everyone’s responses, from both dates.

Person Question Answer on 31 July Answer on 27 August
Mary Ella What’s better here? Her bed is big. Neighborhood kids to play with (younger, but fun). Recent sightseeing outings.
What’s better at home? It’s warmer in the summer. Can’t understand some people’s speech. Smaller house.
What’s different (not better/worse)? Have to walk up stairs to get to her room. There are a lot of snails here.
What’s the same? Meg looks out the two windows facing the front yard. Still have to deal with her sister.
Jesse What’s better here? We’re close to the beach. It’s easier to eat outside. Also, still close to the beach.
What’s better at home? It rains often here. No bike yet here. It stays light late here. Friends.
What’s different (not better/worse)? The money. Tax is included in prices.
What’s the same? Meg is here. Meg is adorable.
Addy What’s better here? Meg gets to go to the beach. Dog walks are more fun (using the beach or the coastal path, rather than urban sidewalks).
What’s better at home? The public library here is TINY. The school year ends with 2 weeks of the next year’s material, so our kids have 2 weeks of catch-up to do. Also, home has a familiar set of fun destinations to walk to in town. And no school uniforms.
What’s different (not better/worse)? No siding on houses here (stone, brick, stucco). Here sidewalks have bird poo; at home they have chewed gum.
What’s the same? Has her own room. Family is just as annoying in both places. (Others suggested phrasing this as “I am irritable in both places.”)
Mom What’s better here? It’s easier to walk Meg with the beach so close. Most people seem very friendly. First thing in the morning, you can watch the sun rise over the sea. Haven’t needed fans or AC here at all.
What’s better at home? Walking everywhere introduces new challenges. Better vacuum cleaner at home. Grocery delivery needed since we don’t have a car, and it means you can’t pick out your own produce. And it comes in plastic containers.
What’s different (not better/worse)? Many people get around without cars. Because they don’t celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving, Christmas stuff is already starting to show up in a few stores.
What’s the same? Still have to do cleanup around the house. Still have the same home upkeep tasks, and the same amount.
Dad What’s better here? Close to the beach. I’m on sabbatical! I get to do research projects all day! Also, excellent gun control. And curb-side composting.
What’s better at home? No home office here. Cars we can get through our E-Car Club membership are all small, so cramped kids in the back quarrel.
What’s different (not better/worse)? Everything (houses, walls, bridges, more) is made of old stone. The climate. (More on this in a later blog post.)
What’s the same? Our church is in a college town, so its congregation is rather transitory. We’re glad to have a good church in both places.
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  1. Granddaddy | | Reply

    That is a truly thorough graph. I notice that nothing is said about school, other than about the uniforms. But what does Meg think?

  2. Frank | | Reply

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog posts. They are very informative and entertaining. Thank you all for taking the time to post your perspectives and keeping us involved in your adventure.
    May I ask when we are going to hear from the title character of your blog, the dug?

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