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Although I am still sad about missing a year with my friends at home, I must admit it has been nice to meet new people. I’ve found that, being the new kid, I get to try out and join lots of different things. I’ve been trying to take better initiative with making friends (per my mother’s requests), and one way I’ve done that is church events.

In our first week or two here, I attended a youth event for our church run by two lovely ladies there. The only other attendees were boys older than me, which was pretty intimidating at the time, but the group leaders made me feel more comfortable after a while and it was all good. Our first few Sundays of church weren’t that eventful, as most of the families were on summer vacations of some sort, but one Sunday I noticed another teen that looked more my age playing the piano in the praise band. The next week or so the pastor’s family had us over for lunch after church and we had a chance to meet them. They have two sons, Archie and Freddie (the pianist). Archie is in S3 or 8th grade, and Freddie is in mine, S4 or Freshman year. We’ve also met another family who has five children. They’ve got a girl my age, Emma, two boys about Jesse’s age or in the middle of us, and two more young daughters. Mary Ella has befriended Kirstie, who has an older brother named Alistair who goes to my school but is two years older than me. Those two families all go to the local private school, St. Leonard’s, so we haven’t been able to hang out with them too much though.

Those are most of the families with kids our age. I also met another guy, Jeremy who would be a Senior at home, except they only have 3 years of high school here. He invited me to go to a youth group which teens from lots of the town’s churches attend, which I have found is a great place to meet people. I’ve only attended it twice so far, but it’s been great to get to know all those people, especially since lots of them go to my school. One of the girls in this group, named Philippa, invited me to attend an all-girls Bible study today after school. I did, and I enjoyed it very much. I knew Philippa and two twins, Ana and Caroline (Caro), who are here from Germany and also attend the youth group on Sunday evenings. The Bible study was very reminiscent of my and Jesse’s awesome summer camp, Moose River Outpost, so that was really nice for me. It was also great to meet more girls.

One thing I’ve noticed that is better here than home is this proximity of my church to my school – they’re literally right next door to each other. This means that many of the people whom I meet through church also attend my school, a completely new experience for me. Our regular church is a few towns over and a 30-minute drive from our house. Most of the families with teens there come from all over – Reading, Melrose, Cambridge, Somerville, and us from Arlington. It’s quite the luxury to know other Christians who go to my school!

Other than all these I’ve been hanging out with Sophia, a girl who has lived in Germany, Brazil, the Netherlands, and America in her lifetime yet has a mostly American accent. Of course, I’ve also been keeping up with my friends at home! I do video calls pretty often, and I wrote a letter the other day (still have to mail it, though). If you’d like to connect with me more, please let me know! I love doing video calls and keeping in touch with all the people at home. šŸ™‚

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  1. Nana | | Reply

    I enjoyed your report on getting to know other teens. And it’s a bonus that school and church activities are both close to where you are living so you can go on your own to events. Do you think any of your Arlington friends might visit you in Scotland before you come home next year?

    love all around, Nana

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