Jogging on the Fife Coastal Path

When we moved to St Andrews (which I now know is spelled without a period after St), I tried to commit to a daily jogging routine.  I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit lately, but the Fife Coastal Path goes right by our home (literally less than 60 seconds from the front door) and has been the perfect place to run.

Heading South

Heading south from our house, the path rises up to some bluffs above the North Sea.

The path is very interesting to jog.  It has beautiful straightaways near a golf course, some overlooking volcanic rock formations on the coast, wooden gateways and old, worn stone steps.

After about a mile and a half southward, there is a place with some rocks you can climb.  Being risk-averse and not trained in rock climbing, I don’t go very far up these things!

On the way back, you get some lovely views from above of the East Sands and St Andrews itself.  (Note the cathedral spires in the distance on the right.)  Somewhere in this photo is probably also our house, but I can’t tell without a lot of effort which one it is.

After I discovered that fun jogging destination, I took the kids and the dog there as well.  They were less risk-averse on the rocks than I was, and I had to moderate my paranoid parent tendencies.

The kids, that is.  Meg did not go climbing!

Heading North

If instead you were to depart our house and head 1.5 miles north on the Fife Coastal Path, you would pass a cathedral and a castle, some other lovely overlooks of the sea, and just before the Old Course you would arrive at the West Sands, a much larger beach than the East Sands, and one famous in running history as a site of filming of Chariots of Fire.  (In the film, the St Andrews West Sands played the role of a beach in Kent, because it was closer to the site of filming and saved them the trip.)

I did this run the other day, but it rained in my face, so I just went most of the way to the end of the beach before turning around and running home.  I did see a lovely double-rainbow over the North Sea, but didn’t have my camera, so you’ll have to be satisfied with pictures from the Internet instead.

From the film:


All this to say that if you’d like a good run, come visit!

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