Sheep Dogs

Hi! It’s Jesse again.

Last week when we were on vacation me, Mom, Dad, and Mary Ella all went to a really cool sheep dog demonstration and it is my job to write a post about it. We also saw dogs running around herding sheep and a sheep getting sheared. it was very rainy and muddy but fun. It was interesting to see the guy giving the sheep dogs commands.

Me holding a puppy


Mom holding a puppy
Mary Ella holding a puppy


Us feeding lambs


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  1. Penny Lou Frabotta | | Reply

    Your Grandma gave me your blog and I have just caught up. Sounds like your Scottish year will be an amazing experience (it already has been). I have visited most of Scotland as far south as Kilbirnie (where my grandparents were born and married). It’s near Glasgow. I have to say I truly loved St Andrews and the beautiful sea and ruins. John and I walked the Old Course and watched a friend tee off after waiting from the wee hours of the morning for his noon start. I will continue to enjoy your posts. Happy Birthday, Addy!!!!


  2. Mary Ella Carter | | Reply

    The demonstration was fun, but it was rainy, so it was a little hard to see. I got to sheer a sheep though! And the puppies were really cute!!!

  3. Mary Ella Carter | | Reply

    HII ThiS iss MEgg I wisH I WEnT to the DemonSstratION I WOuLd Have said HI to THEee DUGSS THere!!/!!$!!

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