Tea On A Steamer Train

As you may know, we kids had two weeks of school break between the 7th and 19th of October, and during the first week we were staying in a vacation house in the Cairngorms. During that week we did lots of touristy things, and I’ve been assigned the duty of writing about our afternoon tea on a steamer train. This trip took place on the 11th of October. Here it is, told in photographs!

Dad’s ticket
The station and signs
Open-doored train at the platform
Jesse examines the sandwich menu for afternoon tea
Everyone else examines the menu for afternoon tea (and Dad photographs his)
His photograph
Me (excited) and Jesse (talking)
Sandwich menu
Jesse contemplates the scenery
I admire the scenery
Mary Ella’s model audition
Our tea arrives!
We dig in
Mary Ella and Dad dig in
Everything tastes better with SCENERY
Don’t fall out dad
That’s my favorite t-shirt
Learning how to do the train thing
Nice man explains train things
This is where they forged the One Ring
I approve this train

Okay, my captions are comedic, but in all seriousness this was a cool experience. The tea was delicious, as were the munchies. I really liked the tiny lemon pound and gingerbread cakes, and the scone with clotted cream and jam was to die for. The views were also very pretty. 10/10 would ride again 😉

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  1. Nana | | Reply

    Super narrative of your steam train trip. Your captions were descriptive and amusing, a good combination. A+ Nana

  2. Granddaddy | | Reply

    Addy, you’ve got a talent for commentary. I felt like I was on the train, and I could just TASTE those goodies. Thanks for the details, and tell everyone to keep them coming. We’re so glad you had fun, and we can’t wait to see you all at Christmastime. Tell your mom we didn’t go to the duck boat parade; we were both busy that day, but there’s lots of happiness hereabouts. Alex Cora got bonked with a flying beer can, and he quipped, “I should have made that play.”

  3. Mary Pat Dixon | | Reply

    Thanks for the wonderful ride. I could hear the chugging and feel the vibration of the car. I saw the steam and heard the whistle. The food looked yummy and I’m sure it tasted even more superlative on a train with scenery.

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