The Highland Chocolatier

Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve posted!  We’ve been busy with concerts at school, the holidays, and our first visit from relatives.  But it’s time to catch up on the blog, and the first post waiting is one promised in an earlier post.  It’s time to talk about our visit to The Highland Chocolatier.

It all started back in Arlington, MA, USA, when we first decided to go to Scotland.  We heard from a friend in town that she is related to the Burnett family of Crathes Castle, and has visited that ancestral home for a family reunion in the past.  Before we left, we got to chat with her about her trip, see photos, and get recommendations of things to do on our own trip to Scotland.

One thing she recommended highly was the Highland Chocolatier, who is a Burnett himself (Iain Burnett), and whose shop she had visited on her trip.  He boasts the best chocolate truffle in the world (like, for real).

Iain was called upon to make a special blackcurrant truffle for Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, using Her Majesty’s own blackcurrants.

With a recommendation that high, we felt compelled to stop by.  We did so during our trip to the highlands in October.  (Yes, we’re that far behind on the blog.  But we’re mending our ways for the new year!)

There were a lot of options to choose from!

But in the end, we brought home one delicious (and, well, pricey) box, to our humble polka-dotted tablecloth.

We ended up with a box of twenty truffles, shared equally, four per family member.  (We ate one per night over four nights.)  Our twenty included two mint, two lemongrass, two passionfruit, two caramel, two raspberry, two espresso, two milk, two strawberry, two mocha, and two cinnamon (I think).

We touched them together like we were toasting a special occasion.

Think that’s ridiculous?  I do not.  I can say without any reservation that this was the best chocolate I have ever tasted in my life.

Want to try some?  You can, but delivery outside the UK will cost you about 30 USD before you even start paying for the chocolate.  If that doesn’t deter you, here’s the store link.  Enjoy!

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  1. Nana | | Reply

    Oh my! Visually amazing, worthy of a toast before consuming. Good thing they don’t have a shop in St. Andrews! Nana

  2. Mary Pat Dixon | | Reply

    A beautiful photograph of Addy. Yes, the chocolates are the best in the world. I sent for the gold metal winners in both white and dark velvet chocolates and sent the pairs to friends and relatives for Christmas presents , 2017. Iain sent the pairs in tiny boxes with his name and butterfly logo on top. Everybody who received them was so appreciative and they wrote me lovely notes after Christmas. The most enjoyable one was from a friend on the staff at the Univ. of VA, my undergraduate school, who called first and asked me what my favorite Scotch was, because, she said that, if she was going to do this, she wanted the full Scottish experience. So, she bought a bottle of Chivas Regal, grapes, a wheel of Brie (also popular in Scotland), some water biscuits, built a fire in the fireplace and then settled down for – well, she didn’t say how long the experience lasted.

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