Puzzling Place

A few weeks ago we went to stay in a castle in England for a few days at the end of Christmas break. There will be a separate blog post about it, so I will not mention it in this one. Anyway, on the way back, we stopped at a place called “The Puzzling Place“. Basically an art museum, but instead of art, there are all kinds of hands-on optical illusions.

Some of them are just a picture, while others are an entire room with some weird effect. The best part is, It allowed dogs! The exhibit in the pictures below was my favorite part. An entire room tilted to the right, but it looks like it is tilted to the left! Mom got dizzy when she went in but the rest of us enjoyed it. No camera tricks or hidden gadgets, I promise!

The room in the video below would make it look like you were growing. Well done, Meg!

There were also many small picture frames that had very real 3D images in them. An entire gallery!

Afterwards, we went to a dog-friendly restaurant, The Dog and Gun.


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  1. Granddaddy | | Reply

    My goodness, an old-fashioned fun house! Addy, it might be the only time you go down by going up…or is it the other way around? Tell us more about the castle!

  2. Mary Pat Dixon | | Reply

    I think I would have been dizzy!

  3. Tim Soria | | Reply

    That is so cool. It did look like your mom was growing. That was awesome.

  4. Jesse | | Reply

    Mary Ella posted about the castle.

  5. Alison | | Reply

    Fabulous report and videos, Jesse. What a fun trip! Glad Meg got in on both the puzzling and the good eats, afterwards!

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