Don’t Take It For Granite!

Not so recently (way back in September, actually), Mom was in town and everyone else was lolling around at home. So Dad decided to take us on a “family adventure“. We went on (in my opinion) an EXTREMELY LONG hike, to a small cove where there are some very interesting rock formations.

There were some very interesting views on the way there though, including this one:

We had a lot of fun climbing the rocks, and even let the dug (she came too) run around and explore some of the tide pools.

Here’s my personal favorite shot from the outing:

It was a very memorable trip, and certainly worth the trek! (Especially because there were some blackberry bushes along the path :))

It’s too bad Mom wasn’t there. At least we have some great pictures though!

-Mary Ella

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  1. Mary Patricia Dixon | | Reply

    Nice description and photos.

  2. Tim Soria | | Reply

    that’s is so cool. do the rock formations look like an object or anything?

    • Jesse | | Reply

      No, they were just fun to climb on, though some were huge!

  3. Nana | | Reply

    Mary Ella your granite pun is funny. Those formations are quite interesting. Here’s something I found about Scotland’s geology.

    Scotland’s geological foundations formed far apart hundreds of millions of years ago. A series of massive continental collisions that took place between 480 million and 425 million years ago eventually brought them together. Once its foundations had joined, Scotland drifted northwards across the equator to its present position. During this journey, new layers of rock formed, as sediments built up and were buried, and Scotland’s climate and environment changed hugely.

    The rocks we see today reflect the diverse environments in which they formed, from deep oceans and shallow seas to deserts, swamps and lakes. Many rare and valuable minerals occur in Scotland’s rocks. Decorative, semi-precious and precious stones have also been found here – and some still are today.

  4. Alison | | Reply

    Wonderful post and photos, Mary Ella. I would so love to be there. Scottish rocks rock!!!

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