Greetings From The Dug

Hello, friends and family, it is I, Meg, the dug! I have asked Mary Ella to translate a letter from me. We have posed it in the form of an interview, so that it would make as much sense as possible.

M.E.: What do you think is your favourite part about being in Scotland?

Meg: I love runs on the beach, because it’s so huge. I also love the dug food here. It’s much better than at home.

M.E.: And what’s your least favourite part?

Meg: All the dugs have very thick Scottish barks, and they’re hard to understand. Ex. ROUUFFFFE! (Editor’s note: This last bit was -sadly- impossible to translate.

M.E.: What do you think is your favourite Scotland memory so far?

Meg: Hands down, it was when we went to Ballinluig, the cottage in the Cairngorms. There were pheasants in the backyard, and I got to chase them!

M.E.: Do you have a least favourite memory?

Meg: Probably right now, just because I have pink eye.

That’s all I have for you today, so, as said by Greyfriars Bobby,



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  1. Nathan | | Reply

    Editor’s note: The pinkeye is all cleared up as of this posting. For the UK readers, “pinkeye” is the US nickname for conjunctivitis.

  2. Granddaddy | | Reply

    Excellent questions, Mary Ella. I see you might have a great future as an interviewer. Your facility with languages is a great asset, especially with animals. I wonder what you would ask a gator?

    • Mary Ella | | Reply

      I would ask it if it had ever been mistaken for a crocodile. 😂

  3. Nana | | Reply

    Mary Ella,
    Very creative conversation. But look at this bit of information on talking dogs. Nana

    It might sound like something out of a cartoon, but thanks to a group of scientists in the USA, doggy dialogue may actually become a reality!

    A team at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a computerised doggy vest that can help our four-legged friends better communicate with their owners – it’s a new field of science they’re calling “animal-computer interaction.”

  4. Alison | | Reply

    Hello there, Meg. How wonderful to learn you are a letter writer and deep thinker! Enjoy every minute of beach running and pheasant chasing, and keep practicing your accent!

    • Meg | | Reply

      Thank You!

  5. Alison | | Reply

    Dearest Meg, the dug,
    Truly, I believe you will miss Scotland the most. I’m so sorry your days scampering freely around the beach are coming to an end. Perhaps you can visit some US beaches, but I know it won’t be the same. You’ll have to relearn your American barking accent and find some pheasants to chase closer to home. Hope your travels tomorrow won’t be too awful and your family will be there to pick you up at the airport, right on time. Thank you for your yearlong blog and for being such a good dug.
    love, Alison

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