M.E.’s Augill Perspective

As promised before, I am finally back to write my long overdue (sorry!) Augill Castle post. This will generally be a description of the castle itself, and not necessarily the experiences we had. (Forewarning, all these photos are from the Augill Castle website.)

ROOM 1: The Foyer

I spent plenty of time on those squashy couches!

This room was quite fancy, and was really more of a small living or common room. I loved sitting in front of the woodstove, drinking tea and reading.

ROOM 2: The Living Room

This is only part of the whole room; sadly, I couldn’t get a better picture. 

When we were there that chair on the end (under the gazelle) was a wide, leather armchair, and I would sit there and read The Secret Garden, imagining I was in Misselthwaite Manor.

ROOM 3: The Great British Bar (that was actually on the label on the door.)

Again, this photo only shows half the room, the other half consists of a couch area, and a counter with tea things and a jar of oatmeal cookies. (I ate a loooooot of those…) One thing to notice, is that behind that lamp on the right are some colorful bottles, those are non-alcoholic, soda-type drinks, one of which is a rose lemonade, which I had one of. It was delicious.

ROOM 4: The Movie Theater (or, as the Brits say it, The Cinema.)

A self-serve cinema, with a whole bookshelf full of movies. 🙂

Not much to say here. It was just a movie theater, and we used it a lot. Moving on…

ROOM 5: The Library

This room is a bit of a puzzle to me, as it is part library and part playroom.

When we were there, in place of those couches was a pool table, and a few days later, a ping-pong table. Also, the chess board was a chest full of dress-up clothes. Behind the camera are cubbies with bags of toys.

ROOM 6: The Kids’ Room

Sorry about the photo, this is the only size I could get!

It was a lot messier when we occupied it! 😳

We also had to ask for extra bedding and two bedrolls so we could all fit! And we took turns on who got the fancy bed.

ROOM 7: The Parents and Dug Room

I wasn’t in here often.


The Pantry!

This was more of a cupboard, but I thought it was funny, because it was a room filled with nothing but china! 😀

I came here surprisingly often, because I drank a lot of tea, and therefore used a lot of mugs!

That’s all for now, bye!!


Mary Ella


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  1. Granddaddy | | Reply

    Mary Ella, I can see a bright future for you as a travel writer.

  2. Nana | | Reply

    Excellent narrative about your adventures at Augill Castle. The pantry, full of cheerful dishes, is a prize! Savor every day now that school is out for awhile. Have you picked up any treasures at the charity shops recently? Perhaps you can write a post about them since it’s something unique to St. Andrews that you have really enjoyed.

  3. Mary Pat Dixon | | Reply

    Wonderful narration and photos. Makes the reader feel a part of the experience.

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