The Friendship Triumph: The Very Exciting Sequel!

When I wrote my previous post about making friends in Scotland, little did I know that my friendships here were only just beginning!

I pinpoint the day I first met my soon-to-be best friends as Monday the 21st of January (my bullet journal is handy like that). On this day, Sophia had a biology prelim during lunch and the other people whom I usually hung out with weren’t around, so I didn’t have anybody to sit with. Now, there was a group of kids who seemed pretty nice who often sat by some windows by the locker rooms, near a long corridor. I had chatted with a few of them in Registration/Homeroom and English class. That afternoon most had gone to Tesco to buy lunch, except for Iain and SJ. I worked up the courage to ask SJ, whom I had chatted with before and was in my Homeroom class, if I could sit with them, and they said sure. When the rest of their friends got back, I was able to meet them, too. I had classes with a few, like Arvo (physics) and William (history). I also met Chris, who I had a lot of classes with. The rest is more or less history, I don’t think I’ve eaten lunch with anyone else for the past sixth months! This time has been one of the best of my life socially, and in general.

Around this time, I had started inviting Sophia to youth group with me, and Chris too after I met him. There was also a new girl in youth group named Sophie, who had recently moved from Tennessee to St Andrews with her family to stay for six months. The four of us quickly became fast friends, and after one youth group where some very funny stories were told, we were nicknamed the ‘storytime gang,’ thus birthing a revolutionary group of friends (and an awesome group chat). Another boy from youth group, Billy, was also frequently with us, and became good friends with Sophie in particular.

Billy, Sophie, Sophia, me, and Chris on Castle Sands during a lazer tag youth group 🙂


Sophie did not attend our school, but she would often sign in at the office to come and visit us during lunch. Sophie and I liked going on walks around St Andrews together and going to Tesco to buy lots of wacky foods! We even had a Tesco wishlist of foods we wanted to purchase and try. She is well-known as my “baby!” complete with our special secret handshake. We both have bullet journals, which we could bond over and inspire each other. She was only here for six months, and has since returned to the US, where we plan to visit each other as soon as possible. On her last day here she visited us in school, and that afternoon the whole storytime except Sophia went to Tesco to purchase and eat as many of our wishlist items as possible. Then Sophie and I walked back to her brother’s house, talked on a playground for a long time, and finally said goodbye.

Chris was in many of my classes, including English, Gym, Social Education, Classics, and Hospitality. We both like Hamilton, and singing it together. In many ways we’re complete opposites, yet we get along really well, and have similar senses of humor.



Sophia was my first friend in Scotland, and I will be forever grateful to her for being so, even if I was a bit of a weirdo, especially in my lunch choices and near-constant consumption of mentos. We’ve had a lot of good times and memories, and at a recent sleepover she introduced me to my first horror movie, The Conjuring. We’ve been in chorus together for a long time – two concerts and one music festival! As she would certainly tell you, she is awesome, and I can’t agree more.

The following are photos of miscellaneous youth groups, fun times, people, or events from the past few months:


I’ve been so incredibly blessed to have so many good times with so many amazing people and friends. I will miss all of them so much, and I treasure all the memories that we share. I will be keeping in touch with them when I move and for as long as possible into the future. My heart is so full from writing this post, and I hope you enjoyed getting a taste of some of my good times and some of the people who are special to me as much as I have getting to know them and spending my time with them. Thanks for reading!

This post was made possible by my Google Photos album ‘Shenanigans,’ much of which is here.


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  1. Granddaddy | | Reply

    Addy, I’m so glad you had a great year, and that you plan to stay in touch with your friends. Your Arlington friends will be glad to see you back, too, I’m sure. Can’t wait to see you next week!
    Lots of love,

  2. Alison | | Reply

    Hi Addy,
    My heart is indeed full just reading your post. I’m so happy you made dear friends, who I’m sure are equally sad to see you go. You write really well about your connections and how meaningful they are, and I love the pictures, too. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing more about your friends after you’re back from camp.
    Much love,

  3. Mary Patricia Dixon | | Reply

    I’m very happy you’ve had satisfactory friendships.

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