Hamilton: An American Musical

This is about just one of the things that we did in London. There is at least one upcoming post covering the whole trip on its way. Hamilton was my favorite part of our London trip though, so I’ve written it separately. 🙂

If you know anything about my music taste, you will know that I love listening to and singing the musical Hamilton, as does my sister and – to a certain extent – Dad. This year one of the big things I was looking forward to was seeing it on the stage! Thanks to Mom, who bought us all tickets, we were able to see the show at the Victoria Palace theatre in London.

I was very excited!

When we got our seats, the stage was lit up like this:

And this was the stage after the show:

I really enjoyed seeing Hamilton. This was partially because I love the story and the music that I had heard from it, but also because it was so much greater to see it performed than just to listen to it! There were so many tiny details, jokes, and touching moments that cannot be translated through the music. I was delighted to see them on the stage. For example, at the beginning the character of King George asked us over the speakers to turn off cell phones and then said, “Welcome to my show.” This character also snuck back on stage during a later number and pretended that he didn’t belong there, to watch the rest of the show.

I think I can confidently say that we all had a wonderful experience at Hamilton London, even those who aren’t as big a fan of the musical as I am. I’m very grateful to Mom for getting us tickets and planning the trip, and I would love to go again someday!

Mary Ella, Dad and I each got a souvenir. I bought a Hamilton hoodie, Mary Ella got a small program, and Dad got a large photo booklet.


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  1. Granddaddy | | Reply

    So glad you have the souvenirs and the pictures, so you’ll always remember.


    (Looking forward to seeing you all at home!)

  2. Mary Patricia Dixon | | Reply

    I haven’t seen “Hamilton”, but I look forward to the experience, eventually.

  3. Mary Patricia Dixon | | Reply

    LOVE your hoodie!

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