London Eye

The morning before the London Eye, the family split up to do some separate tourism. Me, Mary Ella, and Mom went to the Churchill War Rooms, while Addy and Dad went to the Sherlock Holmes museum. There will be another blog post about the war rooms, and Sherlock was already blogged. In the afternoon, Me, Mary Ella, and Mom walked over to the Thames River, where the Eye is.
Thames River, London Eye

We walked along the river to get to the nearest bridge, and the day was really nice. Along the way, we came across a “street performer” that we thought was interesting: A man, making giant bubbles with rope and poles. 

Man making bubbles
When we got to the Eye, we met up with Addy and Dad, and admired it from below.
London Eye from below
We waited in line and got our tickets. Then, when the next pod came down and the people got off, we boarded. As we first started going up, there was a voice giving some announcements and information, but it stopped after a minute. As we got higher and higher the view was better and better! Unfortunately, big Ben was under construction, but we saw it.
View from the Eye
View from Eye
Overall it was a great experience and one of the best times of the year.
View from the very top
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  1. Judith Berry | | Reply

    Wow! That must have been exciting. Your pictures are great.
    Aunt Judy

  2. Julianne Mehegan | | Reply

    excellent views of London. Was it cold as you went up? How many times did you go around?

  3. Alison | | Reply

    Jesse, you were brave! I’m not sure I would have loved being up that high, but I’m glad you did it and shared the great pictures. You will surely have wonderful memories of that day, and of your whole year abroad. Hope to see you to hear more after you’ve returned from camp. Safe travels back home tomorrow! love, Alison

  4. Mary Patricia Dixon | | Reply

    You’ve had a taste of London and can return in future years.

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