Gargantuan, Glorious, Glasgow.

Early in March, Mom and I took a weekend trip to Glasgow, and I’m here to tell you about it. The reason we went is because of a tradition in our family called THE TEN-YEAR-OLD TRIP! When a child turns ten, they are taken somewhere special with a parent. I never got mine when I was ten, so this is my belated TEN-YEAR-OLD TRIP! (Despite the fact that I’m nearly twelve.)

Our first stop was Kimble’s Chocolate Cafe. YUM!

We had lunch and drinks, and it was great. Bonus points for the awesome view! I got soup and a sandwich and a hot chocolate. Also, they sold fancy chocolates from a glass case, and we got some of those to take back to the hostel.

Next up, the Kelvingrove Museum! A sort of all-in-one art and history museum.

WOW! There was a lot to see: taxidermy, oil paintings, sculptures, the list goes on and on and on.

The next day we went to the HIDDEN LANE! It was amazing and very diverse. There were lots of shops and art studios. What we were most interested in was the Hidden Lane Tea Room. It was incredible! We ate there for breakfast, and as you can see, the food was right up my alley. (Notice the second hot chocolate in two days.)

After that, we headed to the Riverside Museum. However, on the way we ran into Tantrum Doughnuts.

Tasty. 🙂 We did not actually get one of the doughnuts in the photo, but these were the most impressive in the case, so I photographed them.

As I was saying, the Riverside, or Transport Museum.

COOL! There were some interesting interactive elements to it as well, like games and videos.

(I took a photo of this because I thought it was funny that a museum focused on trains and cars had a whole wall in their gift shop for Irn Bru merch.)

Almost done now! THE MURALS!

The Glasgow Mural Trail is a series of street art murals scattered around the city.

Robert Burns…
A panda…
Renewable energy…

Wow! THey were really fun to look at, and look for.

7th Stop: The Lighthouse

It’s a super fancy architectural tower, with a great view.

The view up, from the bottom of the stairs.


Last one. Conehead.

A statue of a man on a horse with a traffic cone on his head.

It’s pretty self explanatory.

All in all, Glasgow was super cool, and I’m glad we went.


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  1. Alison | | Reply

    Mary Ella! What a great blog about a great excursion! As a fellow hot chocolate lover, I would be smiling, too! On my brief Scotland trip, I didn’t see much of Glasgow, so I appreciate your report and pictures. Your great sense of humor comes shining through. Hope to see you soon, after camp. Let’s play ukulele! love, Alison

  2. Nana | | Reply

    Mary Ella, you are a super narrator of your Scottish adventures! The photos are excellent, too. Everyone enjoys your perspective on all things Scottish. What is Irn Bru merch?

    • Mary Ella | | Reply

      Irn Bru is a popular Scottish soda, and merch stands for merchandise. So, it’s products based on Irn Bru.

  3. Granddaddy | | Reply

    Mary Ella, one (and only one) of the great things about you is that you know how to have a good time, no matter where you are. You always seem to have fun. This sounds like a wonderful day with your mother — another fine memory to store away for life! Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow night!

  4. Mary Patricia Dixon | | Reply

    Wall art is famous there. It is just amazing!

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