Spring Ballinluig Trip

This is our second trip to the Cairngorms National Park, and to the  Ballinluig house, Explained in list form.



Step one: Fit everyone in the car. This is easier said than done with 5 people, 5 bags, and a dog all in one small rental car. It was uncomfortable but we managed to do it. As you can see from the pictures below, the dog went in the trunk. She was not happy about that.

Meg in the trunk with a suitcase.
Meg trying to escape the car.

Step 2: Get breakfast at a local cafe on the way into town. We went to the same cafe on our last trip, so we knew what to expect. Coffee and baked goods.

Link to cafe website —> https://www.macleansbakery.com/



Coffee and baked goods. 🙂


Step 3: Get settled into the house. We put our things away and looked around, remembering how much we liked the place, and all its cool features.


Meg enjoying the sun and patio.


Dad selfie with view.


View from parents bedroom.

Step 4: Easter egg hunt. There was no good reason to have an Easter egg hunt, Easter wasn’t for a few days, but for some reason we decided we wanted to have one.


Addy with “Easter Eggs” (Bags of chocolate).


Step 5: Take a hike. We went on the same hike on our last trip, so it was familiar. This time however, we saw ponies and a donkey. Meg became friends with them.

Meg walking with Mom. Mary Ella in the distance. (Or maybe it’s Addy, I can’t tell.)



Kids on a hill.



Meg making friends with a pony. You don’t see that every day.

Step 6: Go back to the house and relax. Lie in the sun, maybe drink a beer if you are over 21.


Dad enjoying a beer and snacks, Mom with a book.


Meg enjoying the sun and the view.

Step 7: Discover a screaming pea in your food. You don’t see that every day either.


Screaming pea, the one in the middle.


Step 8: Father-Daughter hike to the top of the hill across the road, shown in previous pictures.


Father-Daughter hike.


Step 9: Take a walk around a lake. Build a rock tower. Look at ruins.


Meg enjoying a stream. Mom observing.




Castle ruins in the middle of the lake.

Step 10: Enjoy the sunset view, and of course the wood stove.


Wood stove

Thanks for reading and bye!

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  1. Granddaddy | | Reply

    That view behind Meg: isn’t that view in the “home page” of the blog? Did she not bark at the pony?

  2. Mary Pat Dixon | | Reply

    Jesse, I always enjoy your posts. They’re down to earth and concrete. You’re right, some of the scenes and activities you described, one doesn’t see every day. There’s something nice and familiar about returning to a comfortable vacation spot. And, you can hunt Easter eggs at any time!

  3. Nana | | Reply

    Wonderful narrative of your second visit to the Highlands. Your observation skills and photographs are excellent, Jess. I hope you are somehow saving the stories you wrote for the blog. Good material for school essays.

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