About This Blog

We are a New England family of five who hopes to travel to St. Andrews, Scotland from late July 2018 to late July 2019.  We want to record our travels somewhere, to remember them later, and so that friends and family at home in New England can share them with us.  We aim to post stories, photos, etc. here.

But why is it called “Even the Dug?”  Dug is how folks in Scotland say dog, as you can tell from Scotranslate and Wikipedia.  We have a dog/dug, and will be taking her with us when we go.  So the whole family is going, even the dug.

There are other dug blogs, like this one, and Scotland is a very dog-friendly place, as you can tell from this Instagram feed.  We hope to take advantage of those perks during our visit.  In fact, you might even say, “If ah cannae tak’ th’ Dug then am no gaun.”

The dug in question, Meg: