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Life about Town

Because we are behind on this blog, in the sense that we’re still writing about things from several months back, I actually find myself here, just a few hours before the cab comes to take us to move home, even before we’ve had a chance to talk about family visits,


This post continues the tale of our one big vacation, seeing the sights in Paris and London.  The Paris part was already blogged, and this post covers London. The Eurostar got us to London on Wednesday, February 13th, and we stayed in a youth hostel called YHA (Youth Hostel Association)


Our family’s biggest vacation this year was a week in London and Paris from February 9-16.  It’s too big a story to put in one post, so it will be spread over a few.  This is the first! Saturday – Getting the Dug Settled Since we were going to be

The Town’s Ruins

So many of our blog posts have been about places we’ve gone outside of town.  But St Andrews itself has some historic sights to see, as we’ve hinted at when we talked about St Andrew’s Day.  The town is home to both a castle and a cathedral, but unfortunately both

Early Road Trips

As we look back over our photos from this year, we realize that there were several experiences from early last fall that we never recorded permanently here on our little web diary.  We’re sharing them now for a few reasons.  We want to preserve the memories, of course, but we

St Andrew’s Day

Continuing as we have been of late, catching up on our backlog of blog posts, today we’re sharing about St Andrew’s Day.  Naturally, it’s the day of the feast of St Andrew, and as you might suspect, it’s an important holiday in the town of St Andrews, but more broadly,