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Early Road Trips

As we look back over our photos from this year, we realize that there were several experiences from early last fall that we never recorded permanently here on our little web diary.  We’re sharing them now for a few reasons.  We want to preserve the memories, of course, but we

St Andrew’s Day

Continuing as we have been of late, catching up on our backlog of blog posts, today we’re sharing about St Andrew’s Day.  Naturally, it’s the day of the feast of St Andrew, and as you might suspect, it’s an important holiday in the town of St Andrews, but more broadly,

British English

There are a great many things that we’ve learned to say differently on this side of the Atlantic.  Sure, there are all the things everyone knows pretty well, like gas is petrol, apartments are flats, and so on.  But there’s a lot more to it than that, and it can

Climate Change

We’re experiencing climate change.  I’m not talking about global warming.  I mean we’ve moved to a new climate!  And it’s time to talk about the differences, in three parts: temperature, light, and precipitation. Temperature: Home is more extreme. I wasn’t easily able to get temperature data for St. Andrews, Fife

Tomayto, Tomahto

Just a few days after we arrived, I asked everyone in the family about the differences between home and here.  Then, two days ago, I did it again.  Here are everyone’s responses, from both dates. Person Question Answer on 31 July Answer on 27 August Mary Ella What’s better here?