Articles by Mary Ella

That Burns!

Hey there! Today (Friday, November 30) I participated in a Burns singing competition!! For those who don’t know, Robert Burns was a Scottish poet, who wrote poems in Scots. He also wrote songs, and when I learned that there was a competition for singing one, I signed up to sing

Oh Deer!

On the Monday before school started, Mom and I visited the Scottish Deer Centre. We took the bus to the Centre, and when we got there we checked in and headed through a hallway with “cave paintings” resembling deer. We bought some deer food at the reception desk, and fed

Meet Mary Ella

Hi! I am Mary Ella,  and I am 11 years old. I like art, animals, and reading. My favourite colors are orange and green. I’m excited for all the fun things we will get to do in Scotland, but I miss my friends and family back home sometimes. One thing I am looking